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Rodrigo Seabra in autograph session with Skywalker YoungGuns

On the 50th anniversary of the international circuit of Vila Real, Rodrigo Seabra participated in a fine set of diverse dalle piste. In the Tiago's World, the pilot Maiato was present at the due session and autographed sabato and domenica with the group Skywalker Young Guns. Rodrigo has a great deal of uncontrolled and personally personal contact with his fan since he was already following his social network and is following the pilot “Unbelievable, I’m so sorry with this fan! My piacerebbe poter runs on that track to Vila Real a giorno! " Tiago Monteiro is a member of the 50th anniversary of the Vila Real international circuit, WTCR campionato, and the emissement of the state uniche. The former Formula 1 driver is an esopio and the inspiration for Rodrigo Seabra, just 8 years old. The next fine set is in the program of the 4th campionato Nazionale Karting south international circuit of Viana do Castelo dove present Seabra.


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