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Rodrigo Seabra

Birthdate: 22 December 2010, 12 Years Old

Category: Formula Aquila 1000 


Height: 1.55 cm

Age: 12yrs old

Number: 33

Lucky Number


Weight: 46 Kg

Shoe size: 41

Imagem (10).JPG


Maia, Oporto, Portugal 


Nick Name

Rodrigo Seabra

Rodrigo´s Spotify

Rodrigo Seabra

With 12 years Old, born on 22nd December 2010 in Portugal, Rodrigo Seabra lives in Maia, Portugal.

Seabra made his karting debut on the highly formative Portimão Circuit. In the dry as well as in the rain, Rodrigo Seabra demonstrated excellent skills. At the age of 7, Rodrigo won several races in Portugal, with the Cabo do Mundo kart team. At the age of 9, he was the Iberian Champion on the Rotax Max Challenge in 2020, winning from Portugal and Spain on the Mini Max Category. Also experienced his first international races in the Iame euro series and Rotax Euro Trophy.

Watched by several teams since then, he chose the Oliver Rowland Motorsport Racing Team for his first European international season in Mini X30 in 2021. He finished in the top 6 on the Iame Euro Series championship, winning several racing heats and did also several races from the British Kart Championship and LGM in UK. In the same period, he scored in the USA making his debut overseas on the Super Nationals Las Vegas winning race heats and a 6th Place Overall one the Final.

In January 2022, the Portuguese driver debuted in the X30 Junior Category at only 11 years old. He had a pre-season with Orsolon Racing in SKUSA  Winter Tour in Miami, Florida.

As a complete driver, as well as speaking fluent English, Rodrigo has shown that he was ready to enter the OK Junior category and nowadays he is got his first internacional tittle, leading the Rookie German Championship in both championships in German, ADAC and DKM. 2022 he became Rookie of the year in the German DKM Deutsch Kart Masterschampionship, he raced the ADAC Kart Masters championship, and he was alsochosen by the Portuguese Karting Automobile Federation to represent Portugal atthe FIA ​​Motorsport Games 2022.

This 2023 season, Rodrigo Seabra  confirmed for Aquila F1000 2023 with special ITG dispensation and he is the first international driver that competes in the Swedish Aquila Formula 1000 series with an international ITG-license (in this case Portuguese), combined with having finished the Aquila Driver Academy International (ADAI) which is a part of the Aquila Driver Academy program. This program is a project between Aquila Formula 1000 and the Swedish Automobile Sports Federation (SBF). Its purpose is to give international drivers the same opportunities as the native Swedes in terms of age. 

Federation of Automobilism and Karting also has given its blessing to: President Ni Amorim, states: “It was with special appreciation that we became aware of Rodrigo´s program for 2023, a young driver with a lot of talent and who we are certain will go far in his career. We know the importance and difficulties in moving from karting to competition in cars. This championship is little known among us, but it seems to us to be quite interesting and a good alternative for drivers to development and adapt to the new competitive reality. We will be cheering for Rodrigo´s success!”

The Aquila Driver Academy International program (ADAI) runs by the former Swedish Formula Star Alx Danielsson, and he acts both as instructor and supervisor. Alx has developed a rigorous program for the youngsters that participates. To be able to participate in ADAI you must have solid experience of international karting, just like Rodrigo.

“What we are trying to achieve here is a possibility for young, yet very experienced, international drivers to come to Sweden and start competing in a highly competitive Formula Racing series earlier than in other countries. The ADAI program, combined with the cars we are using in the Aquila Formula 1000 series is allowing us to accomplish that in a good manner.” says Dan Suenson, CEO of Aquila Racing Cars.

To be able to compete after completing the ADAI program, the Swedish Automobile Sports Federation is demanding contiguous progress reports from the Aquila Driver Academy program regarding Rodrigo´s development throughout the 2023 season. Something
supervisor and driver coach Alx Danielsson thinks will be no problem for the lightning-fast Portuguese: “Rodrigo is a very determined, yet humble natural born driver and a very quick learner. I’m confident that he will complete this first year with an A-grade rating in the reports as well as being both safe on track and possibly quite far up the field.”



“The Sports Foundation has promoted over the last few years a measure to support young sports talent. The sports development project designed for Rodrigo Seabra, in addition to being well structured, ambitious and professional, fits perfectly into the message that the involvement of a Foundation, in a given project, must pass on to society – work, rigor, dedication and initiative.

We are delighted to be able to contribute to yet another life project for a young national sports talent.

Administration of the Portuguese Sports Fondation

One of RE/MAX's Logos is to create champions. For example, a person who starts his career at RE/MAX as an agency director receives our support, from day one, until he develops and succeeds in his business. The same logic applies to the network's real estate consultants. With Rodrigo it's exactly the same. We want to support him to be a winner, and we place a lot of trust in him. In addition to an driver already very cherished to the RE/MAX world, we are convinced that Rodrigo in the future will surely bring many joys to the Portuguese!
Given the full potential of Rodrigo Seabra, a young Portuguese promise, our support could only be long-term, with a 10-year sponsorship. At that time, when Rodrigo is 21 years old, he will certainly have reached other levels in his sports project, with the desired transition to 'the formulas', which he so much aspires to.


Beatriz Rubio

CEO REMAX Portugal

I am a Driver Coach and a Mechanic Mentor.
I could give you a long list of drivers who have achieved success and I am so proud of what we have achieved Together .
But This is About Rodrigo.

I Worked with him for two years in UK (British Kart Championship), and Europe (Iame euro Series). He was a pleasure to work with
and he has an amazing soul.
I know one day in the future he will become a very good and famous driver.

I am proud to have helped him on his Journey ...


Marky Mark Rose

Oliver Rowland Motorsport

Surfing is a way of life, it teaches us to fight (against the waves), not to give up, always looking for a bigger challenge. It is a sport where we fall many times, but where each fall is a learning experience and each surfed wave is a victory. Rodrigo is an example of this, an athlete very focused on knowing and learning more, who doesn't give up no matter how big the wave.
He's a kid with contagious energy, always ready for the next challenge. It is a great pleasure to have Rodrigo on the Onda Pura Surf Team and to be able to help him evolve, not only as a surfer but as a person and a driver, being able to accompany his growth and sporting career.

Duarte Arbués

Surf Coach at Onda Pura Surf School

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