Rodrigo Seabra discovered the taste for speed very early, through the mini motocross bikes.

In the summer of 2016, when he was just five years old, he tried a go-kart on the historic "Cabo do mundo" Go-kart lane in Matosinhos, Oporto, and was impressed at first by the ease with which he faced the experience. It was natural that the taste of little Rodrigo became the first experiences in competitive karting.

Despite being one of the youngest drivers, Rodrigo Seabra took the spotlight in the debut year in the Cadet category and is already considered as one of the names to take into account for the season of 2019, where he will be divided among the main competitions and the European IAME (Euro Series). It will be the opportunity - despite being the youngest in the squad, having turned 8 years in December - to race alongside the best in Europe in his category, in a championship with tests in Belgium, Italy, Germany and France.

With an easy smile and always showing great sportsmanship, Rodrigo became a very cherished figure in the paddock, while at the same time proving his talent and determination on the track.

Rodrigo has as main sponsor REMAX , both in national and international competitions, with the support of Maia City Council, Hertz equipment rental, Dental Seabra Clinic, Masterguardian Security and Utrade.

The nickname "The Wolf"

When he had to choose a mascot to be part of his image in racing, Rodrigo Seabra chose a Wolf, which was the theme of his first competition helmet - a Wolf mask in flames, as a metaphor of bravery and strength.

For 2019, Rodrigo preferred to adopt a more 'racing' image, going now to figure, with more evidence, the image of the silhuete of a wolf with its initials RS. And it does not go unnoticed! Just to cite an example, in February when he race for the Iame Winter Series Cup on the Spanish circuit in Valencia, he caught the attention of the commentator who was broadcasting and referred to Rodrigo Seabra as the "Portuguese wolf".

The history of the number 33

The 33 is the number of the young Maia's pilot and the story is curious. Rodrigo Seabra started to play hockey when he was only 3 years old and, at the time, he was awarded with the number 33. Since then, it has always been the number used in hockey rings and, later, also in motorsport.